In Search of Wedding Venues in Bakersfield, CA?

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Welcome To
El Tango
Reception Hall

An Elegant, Wedding and Special Events Venue
in Bakersfield, California

You might just be looking for a worry-free, magical evening that reflects your personal style and Pinterest dreams.

You may also be feeling overwhelmed with planning a wedding now that you’ve realized exactly how many (what seems like millions!) of decisions you have to make before the big day.

That’s even more challenging when the information you’re searching for isn’t easy to find online. #sofrustrating

Whether you’re looking for the ease of an all-inclusive package, or the option to select all of your favorite vendors, El Tango Reception Hall is ready for you.

Here you’ll find easy to understand rental rates, dates available for your wedding day, our most asked (and answered) questions and much more.

And when you’re ready we can’t wait to meet you.

El Tango Reception Hall is the venue that is more than just a venue.

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